Sixth International Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning and Economics
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Special Sessions

Sixth CEMEPE & SECOTOX Conference.

01. Special session // The use of indicators in environmental management, sustainable development and planning

Hosted by Dimitra Vagiona
Assistant Professor, Department of Spatial Planning and Development (Eng), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

1. Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI): Modifications and applications

M. Tzoufi, D. Vagiona


2. Spatial planning and land-related indicators: land take and evidence from Greece

E. Thoidou


3. The role of spatial planning in the mitigation of natural disasters effects: a systemic review of resilient indicators

A. Papageorgiou, G. Gemenetzi


4. Methodological framework for the development of a sustainable urban management model against impacts caused by transient populations

E. Feleki, C. Vlachokostas, A.V. Michailidou, N. Moussiopoulos


5. Common characteristics of Mediterranean cities reinforcing the establishment of an urban sustainability assessment model

E. Feleki, C. Vlachokostas, N. Moussiopoulos


6. Evaluation of the sustainability level of the municipality of Thessaloniki through the creation of a unified system of indicators

P. Ntailiani, D. Vagiona


7. Designing a system of Local Indicators for Sustainable Development: an application to the municipalities of Kalamaria and Kordelio- Evosmos

N. Kazolea, V. Chrysostomou, D. Latinopoulos, D. Vagiona


8. Measuring the sustainability of tourism development in Palio Kavala – Greece through an indicator based approach

M. Makrydaki, A. Misiou, D. Vagiona

02. Special session // Protection and management of the environmental matrices: advanced solutions

Hosted by Dino Musmarra
Professor, Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Design and Environment, Second University of Naples, Real Casa dell’Annunziata, Via Roma 9, Aversa, 81031, Italy.
Hosted by Armando Di Nardo
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Design and Environment, Second University of Naples, Real Casa dell’Annunziata, Via Roma 9, Aversa, 81031, Italy.

1. Treatment of TMAH solutions from microelectronic industry: a combined process scheme

M. Prisciandaro, V. Innocenzi, I. De Michelis, F. Tortora, G. Mazziotti di Celso, F. Vegliò


2. Molecular structure of Humic acids: environmental applications

V. Leone, S. Capasso, C. Esposito, S. Chianese, D. Musmarra, P. Iovino


3. A smart optimization methodology of the pumping phase of a pump and treat system for groundwater remediation

G.F. Santonastaso, I. Bortone, S. Chianese, M. Di Natale, A. Di Nardo, A. Erto, D. Musmara


4. A fuzzy optimal protection system to reduce the odorous emission from an urban waste landfill A. Di Nardo, I. Bortone, S. Chianese, M. Di Natale, A. Erto, D. Musmarra, G. F. Santonastao


5. Optimal design of Adsorptive Barrier (PAB-D) for the groundwater remediation in multiple aromatic hydrocarbon contamination

I. Bortone, S. Chianese, A. Di Nardo, A. Erto, D. Musmarra, V. Ottobrino, D. Karatza, G.F. Santonastaso


6. Capping techniques for PCBs contaminated sediment treatment in superficial water

I. Bortone , M. Di Natale, G. Falcone, D. Musmarra

03. Special session // Sustainable water and wastewater management and planning

Hosted by Antigoni Zafirakou
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

1. The water framework Directive and its implementation in Greece

A. Kallia – Antoniou


2. Singapore’s water model: Potential application in the Aegean islands

A. Mandiliotis, A. Zafirakou


3. Desalination plans using renewable water resources: a sustainable solution for the water problem in Cyprus

E. Kolokytha, E. Evdokimou, Th. Porfiriadis


4. Microbial colonization of anaerobic biofilms: a mathematical model

B. D’Acunto, G. Esposito, L. Frunzo, V. Luongo, M.R. Mattei and F. Pirozzi


5. The impact of the economic crisis οn water demand: the example of Χanthi-Greece

A. M. Gratziou, E. Strataki


6. The benefits of re-using grey water. A preliminary study for the port of Thessaloniki

A. Gatzioura, F. Tasios, A. Vantsiotis, A. Zafirakou


7. Upgrading a conventional wastewater treatment plant to a membrane bioreactor. Case study: WWTP of Nikiti – Chalkidiki.

A. S. Bagiouk, S. M. Bagiouk and E. N. Darakas


8. Nanotechnology enhanced membrane desalination – new advancements

S. Papatzani, A. Zafirakou


All professionals, researchers, environmentalists and policy makers involved or interested in the area of the conference are invited to present papers relating to the conference topics. Indicate your preference for an oral or poster presentation. Authors are requested to submit abstracts, via e-mail as a word file attachment to the Symposium Secretariat, by January 31, 2017 EXTENDED UNTIL APRIL 15th.